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Long Distance Moving

Moving long distance and across the interstate with Santa Monica Moving Services is a great way to ensure that your belongings are moved safely across the country. Whether your move takes you from the east coast to the west coast or from the north to the south, Santa Monica Moving Services offers smart moving solutions to guide you through your entire moving process.

Moving long distance requires additional strategic planning, and our team of moving consultants wants to make sure that we have everything in place that you will need in order to complete your move. Once we obtain the amount of items you have to move, we schedule a time to send the containers to you so you can start packing for your long distance move.

There is no rush on how quickly you need to complete your packing because Yorba Moving Services portable moving containers are delivered directly to you. In fact, you can schedule a later date for Santa Monica Moving Services to return and pick up your packed containers. At that point, Santa Monica Moving Service are moving experts and will coordinate your move with our facility in your new relocation city, and provide service for you to have your items unloaded and unpacked.

One of the best aspects to moving long distance with Santa Monica Moving Services is that your belongings are packed securely into the storage container.


The Santa Monica Moving Services cartons will fit together perfectly on the certified, bonded transport truck and provide the perfect platform for you to pack your items in a room by room, detailed and organized way. Santa Monica Moving Services understands that a long distance move can be an exhausting process, and when your belongings arrive at their new destination, you will have the advantage of easier unpacking because each unit contains items from a specific room.

Our professionalism, dedication and commitment to great customer service, will ensure that we protect and guard your belongings as our own. With Santa Monica Moving Services, you can be excited about your long distance move, knowing that we will help you with all of your moving needs. Don’t wait another minute contemplating who to choose. Your decision is easy, just like our process. Choose Santa Monica Moving Services today by contacting us.

WE PROVIDE QUALITY SERVICES; our employees are professionals and they are tasked with loading or unloading your furniture. Having the same Santa Monica Moving Service crew at your origin and destination means there is complete accountability for quality. You don’t have to worry about leaving our employees alone with your family and precious belongings.

WE ARE HONEST; At Santa Monica Moving Service, we offer fixed pricing and guarantee no hidden fees or unexplained charges. We have never weighed a loaded truck and charged our clients more for underestimated weight. This is the Number One cause for all the moving horror stories you hear about, but you don’t have to worry about that with us
WE FOCUS ON YOU; we focus on one customer at a time – YOU. We don’t consolidate your load with anyone else’s, allowing us to arrange specific pickup and delivery dates and times. We are committed to your schedule.